• How does this work?
    After making the reservations, the chauffeur comes to your location (i.e. home or business) and the charter starts from there.
  • When does the time start?
    From the time designated to leave your pick up location.
  • How do I make reservations?
    Just call 502-418-3027 and make your reservation, along with starting a customer profile.
  • What does the service cost?
    Rates are $21.00 an hour and a 15% gratuity. Discounts available for out of town and frequent customer charters.
  • Is there a minimum?
    Yes, a two hour minimum, with no daily splits.
  • What is your dress code?
    Industry standard chauffeur attire consists of a black suit, white shirt, black tie, and black shoes, however, business/casual attire can be requested.
  • How far in advance to I need to make a reservation?
    At least 24 hours ahead of pick-up time if it is a local charter and as much lead time for out of town/state charters.
  • Do you always drive personal cars?
    No, there are options of rental and luxury vehicles through a network of affiliates, both local and across the nation.
  • How does vehicle relocation work?
    Your vehicle is driven to the designated location, and costs are calculated by the length of trip plus expenses.
  • What about insurance coverage?
    Proof of insurance for your vehicle will be required with the reservation, and a general liability policy will be used for damages, as long as the client did not contribute to the cause of damage, or accident.
  • How do I pay for the service?
  • There are several convenient options available, which include monthly statements.